Yom Hashoah Memorial Program 5765

It was the story of a small Jewish boy being buffeted across Hitler-dominated Europe by forces both hostile and friendly, until, through a series of exceptionally kind acts, he found survival and a new life in America. With this detailed account of his escape from the Holocaust, Hugo Schiller held the close attention of his audience on May 8 at Temple Emanu-El's annual memorial to the Shoah.

The assemblage saw and heard a fascinating replay of a TV interview of Hugo, originally done in 1990. They also were able to examine related books and exhibits in the meeting room and adjacent corridors of the Rosen Building. The audience included a World War II veteran, who stated that he helped to liberate the concentration camps and witnessed first-hand the actual results of the Nazi atrocities.

Rabbi Avi led memorial prayers for the victims.

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Religious School kids help Susan Curtis with preparation.

Hugo addressing the group, exhibits in background.

Hugo's image from in-depth video interview, 1990

Rabbi Avi showing chess pieces hand-carved by Jewish death camp inmates. A dark set portraying death and despair--and a light set depicting life and hope.

Detail of chess "characters of darkness".

Example of anti-semitic tract of Holocaust denial. From Hugo's files.

Six memorial candles, one for each million of the Six Million.

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